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Executive Director

Devorah Brous

Devorah "Dev" Brous brings nearly 20 years of passionate bridge-building, visionary nonprofit leadership, and Jewish wellbeing innovation to BTEE from the world of multi-faith intersectional community organizing. Having served as a Founding Executive Director of two Jewish environmental nonprofits: Bustan (in Israel/Palestine); and Netiya; and she is also the creator of FromSoil2Soil, where she has advanced community-care with systems-impacted and underinvested people (indigenous, houseless, and formerly-incarcerated). She has a track record of catalyzing impact-driven, sustainable programming as well as accessible, earth-based Jewish ritual practices.


Dev is an urban homesteader. She is married to Laurence Weber (head of the English department at Harvard-Westlake High School) and they have two kids ~ Zeke (a 9-yr old baseball fanatic), and Sela (a club soccer player who is having her Bat Mitzvah this year)! They raise chickens and love to over-indulge their adorable rescue cat, named Vern.

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