Meet Eleonora Skibinsky
ECC Director


I am an Early Childhood educator and facilitator with almost twenty years of hands-on and field work experiences. I have run a rich diverse program as both a teacher and as an administrator within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. I am a mother, a creative leader, a loyal friend and a nature lover.

I started transitioning into the Early Childhood field after my second child was born. I operated “Mother Earth” Family Day Care at my home where I provided loving care and after school programming for children ages three months to twelve years old. Once I completed my Early Childhood certifications, I started working as a lead teacher at Temple Ramat Zion Early Learning Center in Northridge, CA. 

This community became my extended family, my spiritual sanctuary, a place for my children to belong and find their identity, and the source for my professional and social fulfilment for the past eighteen years. As a community member, I have volunteered in various Temple events, as well as participating as an actor and a set designer in our annual Temple’s “Torah Fund” plays. 

In addition to my daily responsibilities, I taught afterschool enrichment classes like Movement and Mindfulness, Healthy Habits and Life Skills, Cooking and Gardening. I organized parent groups where common questions were discussed and valuable relationships were made.  

For the past school year, I have been operating a pod school. I provided educational and administrative support for children and parents within the in-person settings.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Uzbekistan’s Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry and a Master’s of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from California State University in Northridge. Prior to pursuing my second Master’s in Early Childhood Education at American Jewish University, I obtained my Early Childhood Administration and Supervision credentials as required by the state of CA. Visiting preschools with various curriculum approaches in California and other states, helped me create a well-rounded curriculum with an emphasis on social and emotional development of the whole child. During that time, I have met my mentors, and started building my own professional network.

I live in Northridge with my husband, Alexander Leyberman and my eleven-year-old cat, Bella. My older son, twenty-six years old, has joined the Coast Guard to pursue a career in Aviation. My younger son, twenty years old, is working on his Bachelor’s degree in political science at UCLA. During my free time I enjoy nature walks, skiing and interior design.

I am honored and excited to be included in the Burbank Temple Emanu El community. I am looking forward to building a space together where children and adults feel at home, connected and inspired.