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Many Paths Lead to One

Our community welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and points of view to join our events and learn from each other. Thank you to all members of BTEE for your continued dedication and support in strengthening this community.


BTEE welcomes guests from outside our community to join us in our community services and other public events.

Please contact us at 818.845.1734 or email us at,  so we can greet you.

Shabbat Services

BTEE offers weekly services for congregants of all ages. Join Cantor Danny Chodos and the Minyaneers as we come together for an uplifting, online Saturday morning Shabbat service using Zoom.  Services include weekly Torah learnings and discussions (D’var Torah) and community singing. All are welcome!


Sign up for our mailing list for information on how to sign on.  For more information contact

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Rosh Chodesh

Each month, we join Kohenet Miki Raver and other community leaders to celebrate the new moon. Our Rosh Chodesh programming is a time to reach deeply inside ourselves to cultivate discernment. Together we pray, dance, share and receive divine guidance through guided meditation and writing. Find a comfortable and private spot, bring a candle, your journal and pen. In the spirit of egalitarianism, people of all genders are invited to join us.

Tot Shabbat

Join us with your little ones the second Friday of each month for Tot Shabbat. This fun-filled service includes music, singing and storytelling.


High Holidays

We are looking forward to celebrating the new year with all of you. Our team has been hard at work developing programming for the high holy day season. Our goal this year is to ensure that we continue to have meaningful and inspirational experiences, while ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe.

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